Truffles are not created equal! Chef Mavro has tasted them all and flies in only fresh Perigord truffles for your enjoyment. These delicacies are  called  “black diamonds” for their distinctive color, the price that they command and for their status as the best.  You’ll find these addictive black truffles only during a few Winter months including right now! Book your table in the next few weeks so you don’t miss this amazing flavor experience.  Fresh truffles are sliced table side over truffle-friendly dishes adding to the drama and photo ops of course.

The Egg Osmose is the most famous star of Chef Mavro’s truffle show but many feel that truffles sliced over the Meli-melo of upcountry vegetables are the best. We look forward to cooking for you and hearing which truffle-friendly dish is your favorite. But book now as the season is slipping away!

Truffled egg crop2015