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Fig and Pistachio

      Excerpt from Chef Mavro’s letter introducing the new Fall Menu: “Dessert has to be a harmonious continuation of the dinner. This is why I designed & executed the poached fig in spiced Burgundy wine accompanied with tapioca dumpling filled with... read more

New Fall Menu – diver scallop

Join us tonight and this week to be among the first to savor  Chef’s new Fall Menu. Here’s an excerpt from his letter to guests and a link to the complete letter introducing the Fall Menu:... read more

Complimentary Champagne watermelon gelee

Many guests of this top Honolulu restaurant say that the moment before dessert is a highlight. “Simple can be best” is one of Chef Mavro’s themes. Here is  delicious Molokai watermelon in a cold-process gelee that preserves all the flavors of the... read more

Waghu Beef pleases beef eaters at Honolulu Restaurant

Chef Mavro’s Waghu beef dish meets and exceeds the expectations of beef lovers! Menus are flexible so you can enjoy this seductive recipe on either the Hana Hou or the Chef’s Menu. You can also enjoy our premium wine which is rarely available by the glass:... read more

Local ingredients goat cheese and ogo on the menu

Guests appreciate knowing that they will taste the freshest Hawaii ingredients at Chef Mavro. And Chef personally visits his farmer purveyors because he loves to “talk story” with them and also to show support for their hard work amidst many challenges. He... read more

Father’s Day dinner with lobster & wagyu beef

  On Father’s Day, treat Dad to everything with our Chef’s Menu featuring Abalone, Foie Gras, Lobster, Duck, Wagyu Beef, Cheese and of course a grand finale Chocolate dessert. Chef Mavro is a restaurant designed for comfort. Soft Egyptian cotton... read more

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Chef Mavro feast

Celebrate Mother’s Day at Chef Mavro and your whole table will have choices! The award-winning menus at this Honolulu top restaurant are flexible in that you can move dishes from one menu to another. Of course Chef has designed each menu to be a delicious... read more

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