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North Carolina guests rate Chef Mavro on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor review November 2012  “I would rank this dining experience above the French Laundry. I like the more comfortable atmosphere. We did the food and wine pairing, 6 course. And, what was nice, if you don’t like something you can switch out a curse. Waiter was wonderful and we enjoyed the experience, we will return when we come back to Oahu.”

Yelp and Tripadvisor on Honolulu restaurant Chef Mavro Elite restaurant review –  Russell from Honolulu   9/24/12     “Mavro continues to lead Honolulu in cutting edge cuisine.
The Degustation Menu never disappoints and the service has never been better.
The restaurant was packed last night (Sun) and Chef was making the rounds to a lot of smiling faces.” restaurant review Brooke from Honolulu


I walked into this dimly lit restaurant on my birthday thinking….’hmmm…its small but has a great romantic ambiance, how have I lived in Hawaii so long and driven by this restaurant time and time again?” But the BEST things come in small packages…..So, it was only fitting that the BEST MEAL I HAVE EVER EATEN, came from such a small Gem.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser recognizes Chef Mavro

Honolulu’s newspaper recommended Chef Mavro’s Autumn Menu in today’s entertainment section: “There’s also a new dessert on the menu by pastry chef Lynette Pflueger (who re-located from Washington State to join Mavro’s team): a chocolate burgundy truffle featuring Madre Chocolate with toasted black walnuts, a white chocolate tarragon ganache, pear coulis and dulce de leche topped with truffled white chocolate coated in cocoa nibs.” Chef Lynette's new Madre Chocolate dessert


Chef Mavro Opera Dinners add bubbles to evening at HOT’s Der Fledermaus

Don’t miss “Der Fledermaus” opening the Hawaii Opera Theatre (HOT) season this weekend. Again this year we offer Opera Dinners with complimentary house cocktails and a tableside welcome by opera-lover Chef Mavro.  Special Dinners: 4-course Pre-Opera 5:30 p.m. (early opening) Friday, October 12.  Also 4-, 6-course or Grand Tasting menus for Apres-Opera on Sunday, October 14 (flexible arrival times).  944-4714

HOT Stars Barbara Shirvis (shown here, plays Rosalinda) & Richard Troxell (who plays Gabriel von Eisenstein) loved dining with us last week and shared their review on the HOT blog.

Chef Mavro – 2012 Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in U.S. by Gayot

Chef Mavro at the Honolulu Fish Auction

Chef Mavro at the Honolulu Fish Auction

Gayot comments that “These ten restaurants serve the best seafood in America from sea to shining sea.”

Chef Mavro landed a coveted spot on the 2012 Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in the U.S., the only Hawaii restaurant on a list that includes Le Bernardin in New York City and Providence in Los Angeles.

“What can I say? I love seafood! I was born in the port of Marseilles surrounded by fishermen and fish mongers. Then I moved to Honolulu 25 years ago where I found the wonderful fish auction and a lot of familiar ingredients.  Being on this Gayot list with Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin and other chefs who are passionate about seafood is a great honor,” comments Mavro.

Check out the new Autumn Menu and all the irresistible seafood dishes, as well as lamb, pintade and quail!

Truffled white chocolate truffle by Honolulu rising star Pastry Chef Lynette

Chef Mavro Pastry Chef Lynette talks about her new dessert on the Fall Menu that launches on Tuesday, Sept. 25:

Imagine…herbaceous white chocolate tarragon ganache draped like a ribbon over crispy and creamy Madre chocolate from the Big Island speckled with toasted black walnuts, smooth and spicy forelle pear coulis scented with Hawaiian vanilla, rich dulce de leche caramel, topped with truffled white chocolate coated in cocoa nibs, reminiscent of the intoxicating Burgundy truffles with which it’s spiked.

Pastry Chef Lynette of Chef Mavro restaurant talks about new Madre Chocolate dessert

Island Madre Chocolate crisped with black walnut, truffle white chocolate tarragon ganache,
pear coulis, molokai black salt
Wine Pairing: Klein Constantia, 2005 Vin de Constance, South Africa 


This is a romanticized description of my newest dessert creation for Chef Mavro Restaurant.  The inspiration comes from the earthy flavors of fall and my impatience as we anticipate the arrival of truffle season.  Chef Mavro let me have the first of the harvest to put in my chocolate-truffle dessert to get everyone geared up for the bounty that is soon to come.

My “truffled white chocolate truffle” is the whimsical part of this dish. It brings a smile to my face whenever I say it and I love how naturally I was able to imitate the look of the Burgundy truffles with this sweet bite.

I’ve been very excited about my recent collaboration with Madre Chocolate in Kailua.  Madre is a local chocolate producer and I am using their 70% dark chocolate which is made from cacao grown on the Big Island.  I am so happy to be able to use chocolate grown and made here in Hawaii. It gives the earthiness in my dish and a foundation based right here at home.

American black walnuts, tarragon, forelle pears, and caramel are all natural compliments to the Hawaiian chocolate and Burgundy truffle.  Tarragon and pears are a match made in heaven for me.  Forelle pears have a spicy quality; combine this with the anise flavor of the tarragon and you get a hint of classic fall spices.  Pair this with the dulce de leche caramel and it’s all my favorite flavors of fall.

I hope I’ve got your mouth watering! I look forward to hearing feedback from our guests about this creation.

Aloha! Lynette

Honolulu fine dining restaurant Chef Mavro launches new food & wine menu

Honolulu restaurant Chef Mavro will unveil new food & wine pairings on Tuesday, Sept. 25 with exciting rare ingredients from Big Island Abalone slow cooked for ultimate tenderness, to Grimaud Farm Guinea Fowl with a Hawaiian Vanilla chestnut puree, and many other gourmet treats. Wine pairings are new too! From Jim Clendenen’s Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir to Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol Rose and other selections that will elevate your taste experience.

Check back on Monday for the complete menu and Chef’s backstory from his Big Island farm trip last week. And Elizabeth Kieszkowski’s blog post today with photos and comments from her experience as part of our food & wine pairing committee.

Chef Mavro’s Quail-Curry recipe from the new fine dining Fall Menu. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Kieszkowaki, Freefall blog, Pulse, Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Honolulu restaurant offers Avocado Chocolate dessert

Avocado Chocolate Dessert by Chef Mavro Pastry Chef Lynette

Rising star Pastry Chef Lynette created an innovative flavor combination for Chef Mavro’s Summer Menu.

CHOCOLATE – AVOCADO white chocolate avocado cremeux, madre hawaii-grown chocolate bavaroise, corn financier, spiced chocolate sauce, lime oil, basil syrup

Chef Mavro Pastry Chef Lynette introduces an exciting new Summer dessert. The weather in Honolulu is always in the mid-80’s all year long but there are seasons for tropical agriculture. You can taste the Hawaiian summer in this flavorful new dessert. Showcasing Hawaii-grown Madre chocolate is another way this Honolulu restaurant supports local farmers.

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