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Chef Hirohisa Koyama enjoys 6-course dinner at Chef Mavro before Sony Open Gala

Chef Mavro's Truffled Egg Osmose

Appetizer on Chef Mavro's 6-course menu: Peterson's Farm Egg with Fresh Perigord Truffles

Over the holidays, Chef Mavro came out of his kitchen for a few moments to meet Chef Hirohisa Koyama of Japan’s Kokin Aoyagi restaurant, who is in Honolulu to cook for the 2012 Sony Open Gala Dinner at the Convention Center.  In 2010, Chef Mavro was chosen to prepare the Gala Dinner so they were able to share thoughts on the challenge of cooking for 1,000 VIPs!  Chef Koyama loved the flavors of Chef Mavro’s 6-course tasting menu and the relaxing ambiance of the restaurant.

New Menu includes Boeuf Bourguignon Moderne

Chef Mavro gives the back story on a recipe from the new menu available now: Boeuf Bourguignon Moderne.

“These beef recipes are killing me!  American guests are experts in matter of beef cooking.  By far the best steak houses in the world are in the U.S.  For me this is the most challenging ingredient I have to deal with.  People expect to see a beef selection on my menu and every season I have to come up with new ideas and new seasonal garnishes.  I don’t like to pick up a recipe from the past and since we are not a steak house, NY steaks, prime ribs, Chateaubriands and rib eyes are out of question.  I have been changing my menu every season since 1978 when I opened my first restaurant “La Presqu’ile in Cassis, Provence” and I can come up with a new seafood recipe every week.  I have no problem with chicken, duck, pork, lamb etc… But beef terrorizes me. But I don’t give up!

Here is my latest beef story:

A few years ago Columbia Pictures asked me to promote the Julia Child-inspired movie “Julie & Julia” in Hawaii.  They gave a whole theater for me to invite more than 200 of my friends for the premiere of the movie in Honolulu.  It was an enormous success.  I was amazed after the movie to hear everyone craving “Burgundy Beef!”  I decided for the following month to do a promotional burgundy beef menu at the restaurant.  We sold out the whole month and we had to extend the promotion for two more weeks to satisfy the demand.

During the promotion Nadine Kam who was then food editor, Honolulu Star-Bulletin (now restaurant critic Honolulu Star-Advertiser), asked me to create a modern version of the Burgundy Beef.

I did it just for the newspaper and never put it on the menu. I deconstructed the recipe, using a whole piece of Certified Angus short rib.  The beef is braised for 5 hours in burgundy wine, cut into rectangular pavé, covered with the cooking jus, topped with fresh mushrooms, carrots, parsnips, sautéed swiss chard on the side and served with one of my classics a fluffly caper and extra olive oil mashed potato.  Since it is never too late, that delicious, elegant “Moderne” version of Boeuf Bourguignon is now on our menu. 

I was wondering what kind of wine was going to balance this dish?  Our food & wine pairing committee chose a non-traditional “Equis” from Domaine de Lises, Saint Joseph. Dark and meaty with fresh cracked pepper aroma; what a perfect match!”

Perigord truffles now available and are wonderful sliced tableside over Boeuf Bourguignon Moderne!


The Sumida Farms twist tie means the best

A peek into Chef Mavro’s kitchen this afternoon…bunches of  Sumida watercress delivered direct from the farm by David Sumida. Check the twist tie at your Hawaii market to know that it’s the authentic Sumida Farms brand.

Right now Sous Chef Mickey Murakami is preparing Sumida wSumida Farm watercress in the kitchen at Chef Mavroatercress essence for the Kurobuta Pork, roasted loin, crispy kau yuk, hawaiian vanilla glazed molokai sweet potatoes.

Wine Pairing: Van Duzer, 2007 Dijon Block Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley “bright berry character, intriguing complexity, pleasing balance”

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Last 5 nights for Chef Mavro’s Bouillabaisse

You don’t have to fly to Marseille and lose on the Euro exchange to enjoy Bouillabaisse. But there are only 5 more nights to enjoy Chef’s specialty as it will go off the menu after Thursday, December 15 (because Holiday Menus start on December 16). Chef wakes up every morning calling his sources for menpachi, the rock fish so essential for the flavorful fishermen’s broth in which he poaches the dayboat snapper. A labor of love to bring you an authentic Provencal treat.

Chef Mavro's Bouillabaisse
The recipe has inspired rave reviews from guests about their memorable experience as the luscious aromatic soup is poured over the snapper. Also pictured here are the yukon potatoes, rouille (a special aioli for bouillabaisse) and a country bread crouton. The optional wine pairing:
Chateau de Pibarnon, 2008 Cotes de Provence Rose, Bandol
“melon, white pepper, cherry, white peach, delicate & refreshing”

Petersons’ Upland Farm Eggs with Truffles

Chef Mavro's Poached Truffled Egg "Osmose"

“Divine” is the most frequent exclamation at the first bite of Chef Mavro’s winning truffle recipe.   Fresh Island eggs from Petersons’ Upland Farm in Wahiawa absorb their first truffle flavor by “osmosis” as they spend some hours nestled on a bed of rice in a refrigerated glass jar with the precious truffles, flown in fresh from France of course. Then fresh truffles are added to the recipe during preparation.  Finally, if you choose, you can have fresh truffles sliced tableside over this extraordinary recipe.  If you’ve never tried fresh truffles, this recipe offers the perfect first taste.

Truffle poached egg  “osmose”

   petersons’ upland farm egg, served with a potato mousseline,  

   chervil. serrano ham ribbons 

Fresh Burgundy Truffles giving their heavenly flavors through "osmose" to the eggs

Chef Mavro best Honolulu restaurant for business meetings

Hawaii CEOs have long chosen Chef Mavro restaurant for important business conversations. Discreet service and a serene ambiance sets the perfect stage for business meetings. Of course award-winning Hawaii Regional Cuisine is also key.   The restaurant is famous for carefully selected wine pairings (optional of course) which makes ordering easy as the host doesn’t have to spend time reading a wine list.  This advantage provides more time for relationship building and settling in to important conversations. After the successful negotiation are completed, Chef Mavro is also the choice for celebrations! Ask about setting a menu in advance for larger groups. 944-4714Serene ambiance of Chef Mavro is perfect for business conversations

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