Cocktail parties are lively when Chef Mavro prepares fresh canapes

Canape action station

Stage service of Onaga Baked in a Hawaiian Salt Crust

Chef Mavro cooking class

Chef Mavro canapes

Why are our catering services known as the best of the Islands?

Chef Mavro and his team cook to the highest standards every time. That means cooking everything “á la minute” fresh to order including canapés, garnishes and vegetables. Chef Mavro’s experience is a guarantee of great food from canapés to sit-down tasting menus

For large groups such as corporate gatherings, weddings, and celebrations, we cook from action stations. A “top gun” chef at each station prepares each course just as we do in the restaurant “à la minute.”

No food lingering in warmers, no pre-cooked food served from steam tables, no oxidized canapés. This is the Chef Mavro promise: your food will be of the same quality for several hundred guests as for a table of two.

What formats are available?

1. Cocktail receptions – Luxury boutiques often chose Chef Mavro to produce and serve one-bit canapés in the store to provide an attraction and focal point during promotional events.

2. Gala dinners with table service – Sit-down dinners offer optional add-ons such as Chef’s personal and entertaining description of the menu; Sommelier descriptions of wine pairings

3. Cooking Station stroll-around events solo or with other chefs

4. Team Building events – Chef Mavro and his culinary team have years of experience organizing small groups of people into teams for hands-on cooking experiences followed by sit-down lunches or dinners at a Chef’s Table for information conversation with Chef Mavro.

5. Food & Wine Pairing events – Chef Mavro and his sommelier are experienced in producing a lunch or dinner event that includes guests blind tasting 3-5 wines with each dish and voting on which food & wine pairing they prefer.
This event is educational and highly entertaining as it inspires lively discussion at the tables.

6. Farm Tours and on-location cooking demos – Chef Mavro can produce a cooking demonstration literally anywhere. An example of a unique location is the Sumida watercress farm in Aiea, as well as farm partners on the Big Island and Maui.

7. Weekend in the Country with Chef Mavro – combination of in-kitchen hands-on cooking experiences, gourmet meals and farm tours. This event has been staged twice at a luxurious Big Island inn.

8. Private Cooking Classes for celebrities

Where can events be staged?

Chef Mavro and his culinary team have produced catered events as far away as Tokyo and Osaka, and as close as Lanai, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island and at prestigious venues on Oahu.

Examples of venues:
Hotels including New Otani Osaka, Miyako Hotel Tokyo, various Four Seasons Resorts, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel etc.
Historic locations such as Iolani Palace,
Private estates such as Shangri la and the Sullivan Estate

What size groups?
Group size has ranged from 2 to 500.

Contact: Call 808-944-4714 or email