Chef Mavro just came up with yet another exciting flavor combination of pickled persimmon and North Shore sea asparagus, Frankie’s Nursery fresh green peppercorn accented by li hing mui. Big Island feta is fried (according to a technique learned from fish house owner Manos on Symi where Chef’s father was born) and layered with country bread tuiles baked daily by Pastry Chef Elizabeth Dippong. Add tableside service of Volcano Island’s rare hawaiian organic white honey and voila! A reason in itself to join us for the Autumn Menu.

Since this is a last-minute change to the menu, there was no time for our usual wine pairing committee to meet. Sommelier Doug Johnson did a great job finding the Chateau de Montifaud, Pineau de Charentes “jeane blanc.” We look forward to your comments on this new recipe. Bon Appetit!

feta cheese – persimmon
hawaii island fried feta cheese, layered with country bread tuiles
salad of pickled persimmon, sea asparagus, green peppercorn, li hing mui, rare hawaiian organic white honey
chateau de montifaud, pineau de charentes “jeune blanc”
“unique blend of cognac & unfermented grape juice; slightly sweet, hints of melon, caramel & spice”

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