Chef Mavro Mushroom Black Garlic

mushroom – black garlic
maitake mushroom, hamakua alii & pioppini, sumida farm watercress salad & essence
artichoke & salsify shavings, korean black garlic, confit cherry tomatoes
sesame artichoke purée
wine pairing: jermann, 2011 pinot grigio, venezia giulia
“fresh pear, apple & white flowers, creamy nutty finish”

In Chef Mavro’s words:

abalone – tarama, for this recipe I went back to my roots, way before I was born…Greece!

I guess I was in a Mediterranean mood after my trip to Provence. In France we call abalones “Ormeaux.” In Hawaii abalones are produced in the most sustainable way in the Big Island Abalone Farm. They are raised from scratch in the pristine deep ocean waters from Kona.

My Greek father, even though he came to France when he was only 5 years old, was still very Greek…so Greek…and of course he loved to cook!  He used to make the best Taramosalata in the world.  He has a secret ingredient…almonds.  I always thought this secret was coming from his native Island, Symi…I went to Symi many times and I never met any cook there who was adding almond to tarama; nowhere in Greece.  If you know anything about this method, please let me know; if not I am starting to think that this was his own creation…

Anyway, I finish my Tarama with almond milk like him & this it is not a secret anymore!

The abalone is confite at a very low temperature, sliced & skewered on top of a tzatziki, cucumber salad with Greek yogurt & extra virgin olive oil. The Tarama is foamed into a cucumber ring & we serve with a house pita bread cooked a la minute just before we send the dish to your table.

Thanks Dad!

the wine: Since we couldn’t find any Greek wine on the Island matching this recipe, the pairing went to a Riesling Kabinett from Joh. Jos. Prüm.  This complex wine with fresh cut green apple, passion fruit flavors & a tangy mineral finish is the most beautiful pairing you can find.

(This is an excerpt from Chef Mavro’s letter to return guests. If you would like to receive his letter about the new menu and his trip to Provence, just send your email to