Chef Mavro restaurant earns overall score of 94/100 rating as top Hawaii restaurant.

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The only Hawaii restaurant that any serious foodie should experience isn’t located on the beach, or even in Waikiki—this intimate McCully resto is the finest on the island.

One of Oahu’s top restaurants.

Condé Nast Traveler Tick@2x  Editor’s Pick
What’s a Greek-born, French raised expat been doing in Hawaii for the last 30 years? Perfecting the mad science that goes into approaching island ingredients in a unique and (often) astonishing manner Full Review →


DK Eyewitness
This award-winning French-with-an-island-touch restaurant expresses the character of owner George Mavrothassitis – precise, passionate and absolutely individual.

Fodor’s Tick@2x Choice
George Mavrothalassitis, who took two hotel restaurants to the top of the ranks before opening this James Beard Award–winning restaurant in 1998, admits he’s crazy. Full Review →

Forbes Travel Guide 92
A cuisine that couples French technique with fresh Hawaiian ingredients. Full Review →

Frommer’s 34
Keahole lobster in an Asian broth; a Hawaiian/Marseilles bouillabaisse; and cut-it-with-a-fork-tender filet of beef tenderloin crusted with red-wine confit onion. Full Review →

Gayot 18
Chef Mavro not only features the finest ingredients Hawaii has to offer, but also supplements them with luxurious imported items like caviar and fresh truffles from France. Full Review →

Travel + Leisure
Owned by the French-born chef, and James Beard Award-winner, George Mavrothalassitis, the critically-acclaimed Chef Mavro is regarded as one of the finest restaurants in Hawaii. Full Review →

Zagat 27
“Expert culinarian” George (Mavro) Mavrothalassitis “delivers on all fronts”, offering a “spectacular taste of the islands” at his Hawaii Regional–French “true gourmet experience.” Full Review →

Chef Mavro restaurant invites you to dine and taste for yourself! or call (808) 944-4714.

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