Back by popular demand! Chef Mavro’s chilled Crecy Orange Veloute is again the complimentary starter, “Amuse Bouche,” for all guests at Honolulu’s top restaurant  Chef Mavro. Topped with cocoa nips this refreshing and deeply satisfying dish features young carrots and fresh coconut milk. Crecy veloute  is named for a town in France near Paris famous for their high quality carrots.  The coconut twist to this  carrot recipe confirms that you are dining in Honolulu just 5 minutes from the world-famous beaches of Waikiki. Other complimentary courses are the pre-dessert and as the grand finale, hand-crafted candies.  It’s no surprise that Chef Mavro restaurant is the #1 choice for special occasions in Honolulu.

Chilled Crecy Orange Veloute