Our day-boat catch comes every morning either from the fish auction or from our  Molokai fisherman; whichever has the most beautiful fish. In summer we get Uku (gray snapper) most of the time.  It is the freshest, direct from the boat and I like it’s elegant texture.

Day-Boat Catch Bourride “Moderne”

This white fish is perfect for Bourride, a Provencal name for white bouillabaisse.  I love this recipe from my home town Marseilles where we mix an equal quantity of fish broth and aïoli, add 1 egg yolk per person and cook the mixture like a sabayon. Then we cover the fish and garnish with it.  Well this is delicious but too rich for my taste. So we found a modern way to do it.

Place 2 parts of hot broth, 1 part aïoli, and no additional egg yolk in a siphon canister; two cartridges of compressed air and we foam the Bourride “Moderne” on the top of the fish.  Now it is very, very light and very, very tasty.

Out of the 5 wines we blind tasted with the Bourride “Moderne,” the Chablis from Domaine des Malandes was the best. It is sharp, lemony but still mineral with beeswax after taste that blends perfectly with our garlicky emulsion.