Exotic fruits at Chef Mavro - from rainforest to table

Complimentary pre-dessert course: Haupia Green Peppercorn Coulis; Confit Jackfruit Li Hing Mui; Roasted Sapote Ice Cream and unadorned Meli Kalima Pineapple.


From now-Sunday, November 17, all guests of Chef Mavro will enjoy “Taste Exotica – Rainforest to   Table,” a complimentary flight of Hawaii’s tropical fruits served just prior to the restaurant’s famous desserts.

Pastry Chef Elizabeth Dippong collaborated with Frankie’s Nursery in Waimanalo to select four of Hawaii’s exotic fruits that   are by definition “excitingly different!” Then she spun each fruit into a mini-tasting experience that best showcases that fruit. Grown with expertise and love by Frank & Lyn Sekiya and harvested specially for this promotion, featured fruits will include Jackfruit, Mamey Sapote, Meli Kalima Honeycream Pineapple, and Green Peppercorn.

“Part of my mission is get people to try foods (and wines) that are out of the mainstream. Elizabeth and our team are having fun coming up with ways to show Hawaii fruit at their best,” commented Mavro.