Chef Mavro on the first white truffles of the short season: “The Italian Alba white truffles are back & better than ever. Even if white truffles are always delicious like wines, there are good vintages, great vintages & exceptional vintages… this year white truffles are exceptional.

My favorite way to enjoy white truffles is risotto…


Usually the more popular rice to make a risotto is to use Arborio rice…but Italians know better, they prefer Carnaroli rice & so do we! The Carnaroli rice from Pavia, Italy has shorter grains & more starch, especially when it’s aged it makes a perfect risotto. Just slice some Alba truffles on the top & you reach Heaven. You didn’t get there yet??? Just pair your white truffle risotto with a glass of Amarone, Della Valpolicella from Masi winery…Works 100% of the time.

Life is too short as is the white truffle season, don’t miss the experience. If you do, you cannot complain that I didn’t tell you!”