Wagyu and oxtail loco moco

Wagyu – Japonais
100% wagyu beef medallions, yuzu kosho accents
oxtail quail egg loco moco, sansho jus, baby broccoli, potato mochi



Here’s a link to Chef Mavro’s letter with food photos and details about his new Autumn dishes and wine pairings.


Here’s an excerpt about the new beef dish:

I love Japanese cuisine!  For me Japanese cooks are as crazy as we are in France.  No short cuts, using the best and freshest ingredients available.  In both countries, cooking is more than a job, it’s a religion!

We accompany the wagyu with small oxtail patties topped with a sunny side up quail egg.  This is our version of loco moco!  Delicious.

We stay in Japan with the sansho jus and accent the wagyu with a few dots of yuzu kosho. Yuzu koshu is by far my favorite Japanese condiment ( a yuzu, green chili & sea salt preserve). The first time I had yuzu kosho I cried!  Not because it was too hot but just because it’s not every day that you discover such an intense & beautiful flavor!

Then I asked our sommelier Doug Johnson to try the dish in order to pre-select at least five wines for the wine pairing committee.  Doug was close to either quit or commit suicide.  I was happy that the wine selection was his problem & not mine.

Doug did it again!  Out of 5 wines only one was really working…but what a pairing!  The very American red zinfandel, Lytton Springs Estate Zinfandel from Ridge Vineyard. click to read more…