Pastry Chef  Lynette’s current fine dining dessert at Chef Mavro restaurant includes Madre chocolate from the Big Island crisped with Hammons black walnuts hand harvested from wild trees in the mid-west.  Chef Lynette always seeks out the most delicious ingredients for her innovative desserts.  Her relationship with Kailua, Oahu based Madre chocolate ensures that she receives their very best chocolate from Big Island farms. Then she brings in fresh black walnuts from a family-owned business in Missouri to crisp the Madre chocolate block. This flavor-packed dessert also features a white chocolate ball with chopped fresh Perigord truffles rolled in cocoa nips, tarragon ganache, pear coulis, and molokai black salt.  Wine Pairing:   Alvear, “Solera 1927” Pedro Ximenez, Montilla-Morilles, Spain