The beginning of a letter written by Chef Mavro with stories about the new Spring/Summer Menu

Catch best hi res

Hello friends!

My new menu is a love letter to Hawaii!

To start with, as you may know, I am from the south of France where we take fish cookery very seriously. Since I have been living in Hawaii. I had to reconsider all my fish recipes. Fish here are very different from what we find in Mediterranean sea & better adapted to Asian cuisine. So, if you are craving a Sole Meuniére, you are in the wrong restaurant!

The fish that are more similar to Mediterranean are the snappers such as Onaga, Opakapaka, Ehu, Uku…For this new dayboat catch recipe I decided to take my inspiration from a Chinese cooking technique.

I offer the sizzled onaga Chinatown style, which in fact has little variation from the original recipe. If nothing is wrong about a dish why fix it!

The fillet is steamed & placed on a bed of Basmati rice, topped with very thin slices of shiitake mushrooms. We sizzle the fish with very hot grape seed- sesame oil flavored with garlic, ginger & shoyu (soy sauce if you are not from this part of the planet). The fish is presented to your table with fried green onions, cilantro & ginger on top.

I thought good luck Doug for the wine selection!

He surprised us again! Every wines was working but we finally chose the “melon, orange blossom & peach aromas” of Botani, 2012 Moscatel from Spain.

Maitake lo res

Maitake mushrooms, my favorite for the season. They are lightly baked, and mixed with Big Island heart of palm, poha berries, baby arugula & sea asparagus tempura. Every ingredients is cooked or seasoned separately. Every ingredient needs special attention & care. Then, they are mixed together on the top of a madras curry dressing.

The last thing we want to do is to offer a boring salad. The last thing our sommelier Doug Johnson wants to do is to select boring & too predictable wines to our Food & Wine pairing committee. Believe me nothing is boring on the new menu…and the winner was the “lemon curd lively flavored, chamomile & white peach,” Henri Bourgeois, La Côte des Monts Damnés, 2011 Sancerre.

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