Guests appreciate knowing that they will taste the freshest Hawaii ingredients at Chef Mavro. And Chef personally visits his farmer purveyors because he loves to “talk story” with them and also to show support for their hard work amidst many challenges. He especially appreciates Dick Threlfall, owner of Hawaii Island Goat Dairy, who is just as crazy about  quality and consistency as he is. “I know I can feature Hawaii Island Goat Cheese on my menus because Dick never fails to deliver an outstanding product year in and year out,” comments Chef Mavro.

The current goat cheese recipe features another one of Chef’s favorite ingredients and one of the best flavors you can find in Hawaii – ogo (Hawaiian seaweed). Chef Mavro:  “This recipe is a beautiful combination of sweet confit kumquats and salty ogo with the goat cheese.  I wasn’t surprised that this dish became an instant hit with our guests.”

The final touch  is from a small business  just up the road from Dick’s goat dairy. Volcano Island Honey produces the most delicious rare white Hawaiian honey that adds so much to this irresistible dish.

I Cheese

Hawaii Island Goat Cheese with lemon & chive
confit kumquats, molokai ogo, rare hawaiian organic white honey
sommelier comments: “slightly sweet flavors of peach, quince & honey with balanced acidity”