Lilikoi Malasadas 2012
Chef Mavro Lilikoi Malasadas reinvented

Chef Mavro has always complained that his famous lilikoi malasadas were too rustic and not up to the fine dining level of the rest of his menus. But for 14 years, by guest demand, they have remained on every menu basically unchanged. Now in July 2012, Pastry Chef Lynette Pflueger has applied her skill and creativity to reinvent this dish while retaining the key flavor notes.

“The three lilikoi-filled malasadas are still there. But now we’ve added lilikoi in two more ways – as a crème chiboust (pastry cream lightened with meringue) and topped with the delicious crunch of lilikoi seeds, and as a Hawaiian vanilla lilikoi ice cream that I make fresh every morning of course. The accents add a lot and are all from that part of the world – greek yoghurt parfait, candied pistachio, and the interesting heat of a peppercorn from the Urfa region of Turkey,” explains Lynette.

Wine Pairings:
“red wine made from the brachetto grape with a slight sparkle and notes of fresh plums and berries”
our rare wine selection
“salted caramel, baked apples, and hazelnuts lifted with a vivacious acidity for a 48 year old wine”