Chef Mavro comments “Please read this story of Mimi Sheraton, the American legend of fine dining critics around the world. Her story is so much what Chef Mavro restaurant is all about.  Giving ‘full value’ as she calls it.  ‘Intriguing food’ savored in a very comfortable environment and served with care by waiters who are informed. And we don’t have to ‘return’ because we never went away. Thanks to Mimi who has encouraged me over the years and to each of you.”

an excerpt from “Is formal dining dead”

…”But the trend toward informality may be only temporary. If women, inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge, continue to decide that dressing up is the new cool, they may want suitable settings. Many chefs and restaurateurs who made it big with casual eateries may still long to succeed on the serious, formal scene, thereby becoming eligible for top-star ratings from critics. Finally, many fans of informality may soon catch on to the pricing con in some of the least formal and noisily jampacked outposts: that they’re perched uncomfortably on stools with no room for knees or handbags, suffering minimum service. Despite intriguing food, they’re stunned by the shocking checks that suddenly add up to more than those in certain modestly priced, full-service restaurants. When that audience starts demanding full value, the formal — but not stuffy — restaurant may enjoy a welcome return.”