Chef Mavro “Back from Bora Bora” with Flavors of French Polynesia
new 3-course menu ($59) starts February 23rd

HONOLULU — The exciting French/Polynesian flavors of Bora Bora inspired Chef Mavro to create a special three-course menu, “Back from Bora Bora,” for only $59. The menu includes an irresistible version of Poisson Cru (surprise pairing with the Tahitian beer Hinano), followed by a main course of Pineapple Glazed Pork with umara puree, and finishes with a flavor-packed dessert of Poe of Taro. Of course the $59 includes all the Chef Mavro extras of pre-appetizer, pre-dessert and hand-crafted candies. This special menu is available by reservation from Tuesday, February 23. Chef Mavro restaurant is open Tuesday-Saturday from 6-9:30 p.m. Call 944-4714 or email

Chef Mavro just returned from his first trip ever to French Polynesia that included a short stop in Papeete, Tahiti followed by a stay on the idyllic island of Bora Bora. What caused him to leave his beloved Oahu? An invitation to join the maiden voyage of the very luxurious Seabourn Odyssey on a cruise to Bora Bora and to give a cooking demo and prepare a dinner featuring Hawaii Regional Cuisine. Once there, Mavro had no choice but to soak up the culinary flavors of this idyllic island as return flights to Honolulu are only once a week!

“I told myself if I’m going all the way to French Polynesia I’d better come back with some new flavor ideas! By good luck I stepped off the ship just as a cooking demo of poisson cru and poe dessert was getting underway at the harbor tourism office!” noted Mavro.

Three courses ($59)

bigeye ahi, lime juice, tomato, cucumber, carrot, sweet onion, fresh coconut milk

pineapple glazed Island pork, vanilla sweet pototo (umara) puree, fresh coconut spinach

baked taro pudding with banana ice cream