Mahalo to guest Giovanni Hale who posted on about his dinner on Friday, March 30, 2012

“When it comes to finding a spectacular place to dine in Hawaii, you have no shortage of local restaurants willing to cater to your needs.  If you are anything like me you are willing to search for that special place to convey the emotion you feel for the person or people you choose to dine with.

My sisters birthday is a special moment for me and my family so I wanted to ensure she felt like a queen.  I used opentable to reserve that special table, but due to a scheduling conflict I was unable to dine on her birthday.  I placed a call to Chef Mavro  within 24 hours of my reservations and they were happy to reschedule me(FREE OF CHARGE).

My first time dining with Chef Mavro was a experience I can never forget.  On the menu for desert were small carmel candies that left an impression of perfection.  I placed a call to the restaurant to confirm if the candies could be remade.  I was placed on hold and spoke directly to Chef Mavro.  We discussed in detail the menu for the night and he suggested I stick with the assigned menu desserts.

I realized the night of the dinner I would be running late, and placed a call to the front desk to confirm they would inform my party of my tardiness.  “Sure Giovanni we will be happy to entertain your guest, until you arrive.”  I was relieved to arrive before my guest and ensure my sister table looked “perfect”

I chose the 6 course meal for us with the wine pairings and could not be happier with presentation.  The highlight of the night was the hand made birthday cake with a single candle.  She smiled in embarrassment but noticed the look on my face as tears  began to stream as the waiter placed a additional plate with 5 small hand made caramels with a simple note…”just for you Giovanni, thanks for coming back”

I highly recommend Chef Mavro for a unique dining experience second to none.

Bravo to the Chef”

colorado lamb, french curry vadouvan, poha rice eggplant fritters
cured olives, fennel, thyme relish

(photo credit: Giovanni Hale)