Fans of our Meli Melo of organic spring vegetables will be happy to hear that it stays on the menu and becomes the Meli Melo of organic Summer vegetables according to Gary’s selection of the best.  Paired with the French chenin blanc Argilex from Vouvray.  Of course this recipe will be gone in fall and we already know it will be missed.   We never keep any recipe more than two seasons. Why? I need to make room for the creative energy of our kitchen team.  If we would have even more variety of fresh local ingredients I would be able to change our menu every day.  Our kitchen doesn’t stand on recipes but on cooking techniques and talents.  I am very fortunate to work with some of the best cooks in the country.

Talking about creativity here are our new dishes:

photos: Justin Morizono

Fresh Kona Kea shrimp, dusted with Garam Masala, Hearts of Palm Remoulade, Chervil and Espelette: where France meets Hawaii.  This is a total explosion of flavors made to be together.  I insist on fresh because this is the only fresh sea water shrimp you can find in the Honolulu market.  Most of the time shrimp are frozen even if you buy them direct from the boat. They are frozen on the boat as soon they are out of the water (or not and then they’re mushy – ugh).

To make sure you fully enjoy the freshness of this product we poach it very lightly in vegetable broth and flavor with garam masala. Every body in Hawaii would tell you “the best part of the shrimp is the head.”  We didn’t discard the heads they are fried separately and served with the dish (Japanese style).  Also on the plate; hearts of palm chervil remoulade with espelette accents (Basque country chili).

Our pairing committee picked up a Hungarian wine the citrusy, peachy flowery Tokaji Muscat Lunel from Grof Degenfeld.