Taylor Farms Shigoku oysters were selected by Chef Mavro for his Spring Menu after a wide search for the very best sustainable oysters. Shigoku are perfectly suited for this dish that bursts with fresh flavors of the sea.

Shigoku Oysters at Chef Mavro

Poached shigoku oysters on baby leek salad, lemongrass kanten, sriracha trout roe, ogo mignonette
wine pairing: domaine laroche, 2012 chablis premier cru “vau de vey,” france
“bright, fresh of aromas of apple, citrus & limestone, clean refreshing finish”

This delicious dish with shigoku oysters has become an instant favorite since the Spring Menu started. Reserve your table now 

Five generations of a Washington State family have continued their commitment to excellence with this plan: “Our mission is to sustainably farm quality shellfish from larvae to table while being responsible community citizens and active stewards for our marine environment.”

Pilates class for oysters! More from Taylor Shelfish Farms as they describe this special oyster: “Our most innovative oyster, Shigokus are Pacific oysters grown in bags that are attached to floats that go up and down in the tides, tumbling the oysters. Every time the oysters get agitated, they use their muscles to close their shells. It’s like Pilates class for oysters twice a day, and the result is an oyster with wonderfully firm flesh and a deep cup. Shigoku means “ultimate” in Japanese, and we think these unique oysters fit the bill.”