Interesting story in the NY Times about La Tour d’Argent & Taillevent Restaurants.   With all the respect I have for this two institutions, perfect classic food execution, perfect service, perfect wine list.  I want the public to know that nobody  else cooks like that in France anymore, nobody serves like that and only some privileged customers drink this kind of wine (at least in a restaurant).   Some associate French cuisine with “too heavy, too expensive too pompous.”  La Tour d’Argent & Taillevent have been for too long synonymous with French cuisine and this is not necessarily a plus.   Also for decades now gourmet restaurants are owned by chefs (the contrary of  La Tour d’Argent & Taillevent).  Keep these two institutions as the “last bastions of Cuisine Temples” and enjoy the creativity and the spontaneity of the French new generation of restaurants.  G. Mavro