Yelp reviewer posts about her Chef Mavro romantic dinner


Christina from Waipahu, Oahu January 14, 2013

I’ve been here twice with my boyfriend. Both to celebrate our anniversary. I have to say it’s a perfect romantic spot without the crazy fake Hawaiian gimmicks. For both anniversaries my boyfriend ordered flowers through them and they were waiting at the booth when we arrived (which I’m trying to determine if it was a coincidence that we were in the same spot as the previous year). The flower arrangement were beautiful! The staff gave fantastic service. I love how they tactfully found out our anniversary year. Which ended up on a delightful little cake with “Happy 9th Anniversary!” written on the plate.

This year my favorites was the Egg Truffle and Lemongrass Lobster. Considering my family is from Thailand, I have to say he pulled off the lemongrass very well. It’s similar to Tom Yum but with his own flair. I’ll never be able to recreate it. The Egg Truffle made my mouth happy. I love a good poached egg and the truffle is always a plus.

I’m pretty excited to see his next winter menu when we return for our big one o anniversary. I refuse to have our anniversary anywhere else. Same place but different menu? Love it!